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School INSET days or after school CPD sessions often cater well for those staff who like to work in groups, who enjoy activities such as ‘speed dating’ and benefit from bouncing ideas off of each other. However, there are many who find these experiences excruciating and would benefit far more from being able to work through new ideas in small groups or by themselves.

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Below are a series of possible topics that could be explored as part of your own personalised CPD, if you are one of those people who would rather read and study materials independently, in a calm and quiet environment.

It is worth having a look at the latest Teaching and Learning Toolkit (October 2018), published by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). It may give you some ideas about where to best focus your research.

Before you choose an area of focus, it is also worth reading this article on 12 Educational Research Myths.

Once you have chosen your area of focus, there is a record sheet for you to note down your ideas and conclusions, in order to help focus your research and think about the impact on your own future actions. Download a copy of the Individual CPD recording sheet here.

Topics for consideration in alphabetical order (work in progress).

Behaviour Management

Catering for different needs and abilities (Adaptive teaching)

Cognitive Science – How we learn

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Original published on teachwire.net

Direct Instruction

Dual Coding

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Poster by Oliver Caviglioli on his excellent website: olicav.com

Effective questioning

Group work



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Retrieval Practice

Image by @ImpactWales

The Six Pedagogical Principles

Or choose your own areaa selection of research summaries available here.

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